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About Us

NavKar Systems is the Manufacturer and Supplier of various types of working models such as Solar Energy Demonstration Kits which includes Solar Fan, Solar Bulb, Solar Car, Solar Water Pump and Wind Mill and Solar System Working Models such as Solar Lunar Eclipes Apparatus, Day & Night Apparatus, Solar System and Phases of Moon.

We also deals in  Electric Models such as A.C Generator Model , DynamoSteam Engine, Electric Bell. Navkar Systems is the exporter of Chemical Reaction Models such as  Blast Furnance, Nuclear Reactor which are in the showcase.

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NavKar Systems manufactures certain Chemistry Models such as Covalent Bond in Chlorine Molecule, Covalent Bond in Oxygen Molecule, Covalent Bond in Water Molecule, Covalent Bond in Hydrogen Molecule, Sodium Chloride Crystal Model, Oxygen Molecule, Orbit of Atoms, Structure of Atom, Hydrogen Molecule which are known for their reliable performance an unmatched quality.

These kits are ideal for any classroom or science fair project in schools, colleges and Scientific Institutions.

Quality improvement is a permanent process rather than a single action for Navkar Systems. Such improvement is achieved through regular external surveillance and internal audits, thorough review of all business processes coupled with client feedback.