Solar Demo Kits Manufacturer

Solar Demo Kits Manufacturer

The Solar energy Demonstration 9 in 1 Kit is our best selling educational solar kit. This kit is ideal for classroom children’s group or home use and  can be used in any setting where you want to teach the basics of solar energy in a fun engaging and informative way.Solar Energy Demonstration Kit Dealers India Afghanistan

Solar Energy Demo Kit’s Features:

  • Low Voltage Solar Motor
  • Solar Cell Panel Module
  • Fan and Bulb
  • Meter with Music Burzer
  • Calculator with Water Pump
  • Torch and Radio
  • Chargeable BatteriesSolar Wind Energy Demo Kits Supplier india, Bhutan


The Solar Demo kit, available only from NavKar Systems and comes with everything you need to learn about Solar Energy in a healthier, more eco-friendly way, and how renewable energy, like solar energy, wind energy can save  hundreds or thousands of dollars a year later in their life.

If you would like more information on the Solar Energy Demo Kits or the dozens of other Educational Solar Kits from NavKar Systems,  you can visit our Sites and or Contact Us at these numbers for further query : +91 9416135607, +91 999635607 or you can Mail Us at