Science Fair Educational Working Models for Students of Different Classes

Science Fair Educational Working Models for Students of Different Classes

Navkar Systems provides complete range of Science Fair Educational Working Models for Students of Different Classes. We are manufacturers suppliers & exporter of different types of working models as given below

  • Satellite model jeweis LED on wooden box 
  • Satellite model with jeweis LED on metal box 
  • Typical flower model 
  • Light box and optical kit in thermocol box 
  • Light box and optical kit in wooden box 
  • Electronic kit complete with access and battery box 
  • Ray box with slit and lens 
  • Wave Motion 18 Pulley metal complete 
  • Wave Motion 24 Pulley metal complete 
  • Wave Motion 18 Pulley plastic complete 
  • Van De graaff generator and operated 
  • Van De graaff generator motorized 
  • Whimshirt machine 
  • Volcano model 
  • Structure of Sun model with wooden base 
  • Structure of earth model with wooden base 
  • Ripple tank metal body 12″x12″ built with power supply 
  • Agriculture set made of wooden well polished 
  • Archimedes principle experiment apparatus 
  • Archimedes principle experiment simple 
  • Ring and ball 3/4″ brass handle type 
  • Ring and ball 3/4″ brass Stand type 
  • Pinhole camera brass 
  • Kaleidoscope brass 
  • Periscope wooden with openable door 
  • Spectroscope wooden 
  • Direct vision spectroscope metal 
  • Centre of gravity toys with stand 
  • Dam working model 
  • Global warming model 
  • Light sensor light model (automatic street light) 
  • Volcano model with jewel light 
  • Faraday’s law galvano type 
  • Solar mill crocks Radiometer 
  • Wind dynamo model 
  • Solar fan cum dynamo model 
  • Solar fan 4″ propeller model 
  • Solar battery eliminator 100H AMP, 2-12 volt 
  • AC main domestic circuit 
  • Good and bad conductor (circuit board)
  • Primary colour Apparatus 
  • Hydropower model plastic 
  • Hydropower model metal 
  • Water turbine model all Metal 
  • Solar fan wooden box 
  • Solar bulb wooden box 
  • Solar energy kit with chargeable cell (5 in 1) 
  • Solar water pump kit 
  • Solar radio model 
  • Solar water heater model 
  • Solar car (line walking car) 
  • Solar house 
  • Newton’s first law superior (cylindrical type) 
  • Newton’s first law of motion (simple) 
  • Newton’s second law of motion (simple) 
  • Newton’s third law of motion (simple) 
  • Wind vane big size (cock type) 
  • Wind vane Aero type 
  • Wind vane ball bearing type 
  • Air pump 6″ with stopcock metal 
  • Barrow wheel horizontal cork metal 
  • Bell in bell jar

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Science Educational Kits

Solar Energy Demonstration Kit 4 in 1 (Plastic)The Science Educational Projects & ideas are especially designed to be useful for both Students, Teachers and the entire Family. These Education Kits helps to develop an interest and understanding in knowing about the scientific laws & principles that constitute our world. 

Navkar Systems Offered High Quality Science Educational Kits at Less prices. We are Supplier and Provider of Solar Demonstration Kits. We have Dealers who Provides us School Educational Instrumental kits for students classroom projects.
Science Educational Kits
Educational Solar Energy kits teaches children the benefits of solar energy. With the help of this kit the children will learn to take the advantage of natural resources (Sun Energy) and as a result they can protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emission.

Benefits of Science Educational Kits:

  • Motivates children to learn the concept of Solar Energy
  • Most Suitable for school Projects
  • Have hours of fun experimenting with solar energy
  • Safe and Eco- friendly.


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