Solar Science Kits

NavKar Systems Manufactures certain Solar Science Kits such as Solar Energy Demonstration Kits 5 in 1, Solar Energy Demonstration Kits 9 in 1, Solar Water Pump, Solar Fan Model which are known for their reliable performance and unmatched quality.

The Solar Energy kit is designed to teach not only about the amazing feat that is Renewable energy (Solar energy), but also about the possibility of self-sustaining energy that is obtained from sun light.

 Solar Energy Demonstration Kits

Solar Kit Contains:

  • Fan
  • Bulb
  • Meter
  • Music
  • Solar Panel


Benefits of Solar Educational Science Kits for kids:

  • It is Simple and Convenient to use.Solar Mini Project Wind Mill in Plastic
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Motivates children to learn the concept of Solar Energy.
  • Secure and Most Suitable for school Projects.
  • Easy to use & Safe to Set up.
  • Rechargeable Battery.


Features of Solar Science Educational Kits:

  • Low Voltage Solar Motor
  • Solar Cell Module
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Solar Energy Information Guide
  • Used as Classroom Projects for students


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Educational Solar Fan Models

Making a solar powered fan is one of the easiest and simplest solar projects out there.

Solar Powered Fan

Navkar System is the Best Solar Energy Demonstration Kits and Educational Kits Supplier and True Manufacturer from India. These kits are Ideal for Educating Children in Classroom or Science Fair Project for students in School and Colleges.

This working model is in plastic case that educate students about the working of fan through solar energy.


Benefits of Educational Solar Fan Models:

  • Easy & Safe to Set up.
  • Simple and Convenient.
  • Free Shipping Service.
  • Branded Product.
  • Due to Plastic Case it is hard to break.


Solar Demo Kit used to educate students about the conversion of solar energy into light, electrical, electromechanical & sound energy. These are Working Models of Solar System from India. We are the Original Manufacturer of  Solar Science Educational Kits and we Export these models in all over the world.

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